Leadership Team

Eileen Day — Founder | CEO for ADSO and the DVIN website

As the Founder | President of The DSO Vendor Insights Network (DVIN) Eileen has a deep passion for making a difference. She combines her extensive experience in sales and marketing with her unwavering commitment to driving change and fostering collaboration in the dental industry.

Before embarking on her journey in the dental industry, Eileen made a profound impact in the animal rescue world. As the Director of Adoptions for an animal rescue organization in Texas, she personally fostered over 200 dogs, puppies, and cats, facilitated the adoptions of thousands of animals, and built a beautiful new website for the rescue. Her dedication and tireless efforts earned her the reputation of a compassionate leader and a driving force for positive change.

Drawing upon her expertise in sales, digital marketing, and her experience in the animal rescue field, Eileen brings a unique perspective to the dental industry. She understands the power of collaboration and the importance of tailored strategies. Throughout her career, Eileen has built productive sales teams by creating processes and harnessing the superpowers of each team member. She knows that success lies in understanding the nuances of the industry and utilizing the unique strengths of individuals to shape and guide her teams.

With DVIN, Eileen's vision is to create a platform that empowers Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) and vendor partners, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and growth. She believes that by bridging the gap between DSOs and vendors, and providing a space for open dialogue and meaningful partnerships, the dental industry can achieve new levels of growth and drive positive change.

Andrea Fox — Executive Administrator

Andrea Fox is the founder and CEO of Clue Dental Marketing, the developer of Toothority Patient Experience Solutions.

Andrea has a passion for building patient-focused, highly aesthetic, scalable marketing solutions that are easy to implement and use. She believes that design, process flow, and information architecture have a major impact on patient experience and hence on profits, reputation, and loyalty.

Prior to establishing Clue and Toothority, Andrea assumed various marketing roles with dental practices, pharmaceutical companies, and advertising agencies. She has over 20 years of experience in healthcare marketing with a focus on patient education, acquisition, and retention.

Her company is built on the core values of continuous improvement and transparency. She is an advocate for collaboration over competition and for empowerment through education.

Jennifer Fetty — Executive Administrator

With over 20 years of experience in the dental industry, Jennifer has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a variety of roles, including private practice and DSO leadership. Currently the VP of Business Development for Medusind, she is leveraging her skills in relationship-building, leadership, and strategic thinking to drive growth and success.

As a leader, she developed a reputation for building and managing high-performing teams that achieve exceptional results. Her ability to inspire and motivate team members, combined with her deep understanding of the dental industry, has enabled her to develop effective sales and marketing strategies that drive revenue growth and increase customer satisfaction.

In addition to her leadership skills, she is a strategic thinker who is always exploring new ways to innovate and optimize business operations. She has a track record of developing and implementing successful business strategies that optimize resources and increase profitability.

She is passionate about driving growth and success within the industry and is committed to delivering exceptional results for her clients.

Kristine Berry — Executive Administrator

Kristine Berry is a highly skilled coach and inclusive leader who fosters generative, goal-focused conversations. Her expertise lies in empowering individuals and organizations to thrive and expand their impact through inclusive and removing systemic barriers to equity. With her authentic interpersonal approach, she has gained recognition as an award-winning international speaker, adept at leading audiences while creating an atmosphere that nurtures individual and business growth.

One of Kristine's notable accomplishments is the establishment of the Dental Diversity and Inclusion Alliance—a collaborative network dedicated to assisting dental practices, groups, and spaces in effectively managing projects for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategic planning and implementation. She aims to facilitate the meaningful integration of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into corporate culture, fostering workplaces that empower every employee to grow, thrive, and contribute to greater employee engagement, retention, trust, and profitability.

As a visionary leader, Kristine has significantly impacted the dental industry, reaching over 60,000 readers every month during her tenure as the RDH eVillage Editorial Director at PennWell Corporation. She is the esteemed author of "Demystifying Smiles: Strategies for the Dental Team" and has contributed a chapter to the textbook "Mosby's Dental Hygiene: Concepts, Cases, and Competencies, 2nd Edition." In addition to her published works, Kristine has written numerous articles, developed continuing education programs, and shared insights through engaging blogs.

Kristine's expertise has been recognized at various conferences, including GNYM, YDC, ADHA, IFDH, CMW, Under One Roof, AACD, and Sirona World, where she has presented her valuable insights and knowledge to diverse audiences. Her contributions to the field of dentistry and her commitment to fostering inclusive environments have made her a sought-after thought leader and speaker.

Nic Blosil — Committee Chairperson

Nic Blosil is the CEO of Dental Property Group. Nic was introduced to the world of Dental in the summer of 2022. A 7-year veteran in the real estate investing world, he recognized the unique market factors in the industry and identified the need for great long-term real estate partners to serve the changing dental landscape. This realization led to the creation of Dental Property Group in the fall of 2022. Nic is a graduate of BYU’s Marriott School of Business. In his spare time, he is actively involved in organizing events and creating communities focused on faith, music, business, and philanthropy.

Erin Norris — Committee Chairperson

Bio coming soon.

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At DVIN, we believe that collaboration is a two-way street. We highly value the input and perspectives of DSOs as key stakeholders in the dental industry. Your engagement is essential in driving innovation and bringing positive change. We encourage DSOs to actively participate, share their suggestions, and provide feedback with DVIN.

Together, let's create a collaborative environment where open communication between DSOs and vendor partners fosters growth and advancements in the dental industry.