About DVIN

DVIN Mission Statement:

The DSO Vendor Insights Network (DVIN) is a transformative network with a mission to bridge the gap between Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) and Vendor Partners. Dedicated to fostering collaboration, driving innovation and growth, we will achieve this by initiating meaningful dialogues, providing valuable resources and forming strong partnerships. Our goal is to empower the dynamic between Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) and Vendor Partners to grow, by creating a comprehensive vendor listing website, platforms for open discussions, conducting insightful surveys, hosting a candid DSOrealtalk podcast, and facilitating workshops and panel discussions at industry events. We will all work together to revolutionize the dental industry, ultimately working toward our common goal of driving innovation and growth. Together we are DVIN, and together, we are the future of dental care.

DVIN Goals & Objectives:

Referral Committee

Mission Statement: The Referral Committee aims to cultivate organic referrals and foster mutual support among DVIN vendors, enhancing collaboration and driving growth within the dental industry

Members: Nic Blosil (Committee Chairperson), Abhi Sharma, Allison Norris, Jeremy Moeller, Jenny Fetty


Event Committee

Mission Statement: The Event Committee aims to provide solutions that transform industry events into more vendor-centric, collaborative, and informative experiences that benefit both vendors and DSOs to promote attendance and participation.

Members: Kristine Berry (Committee Chairperson), Nic Blosil, Debora Carrier, Julie Serrano, Sheena Hinson, Eileen Day


Marketing/Content Committee

Mission Statement: The Marketing/Content Committee is committed to creating compelling and informative content that promotes collaboration, supports DSOs in selecting vendors, drives awareness of the DVIN platform, and fosters partnerships within the dental industry.

Members: Andrea Fox (Committee Chairperson), Eileen Day (Committee Chairperson), Kimberly Mackey-Corbin, Jodi Manfredi, Trevor Lines - plus Gary Bird (podcast) and Santosh Patel (focus group) for special projects


Vendor Matrix Committee

Mission Statement: The Vendor Matrix Committee is dedicated to collecting, curating and organizing vendor information for the DVIN platform, ensuring its accuracy and usability for DSOs seeking vendor partnerships.

Members: Erin Norris (Committee Chairperson), Eileen Day, Amber Nish, Jenny Adiele, Tanner Applegate


Reach Out To Us

At DVIN, we believe that collaboration is a two-way street. We highly value the input and perspectives of DSOs as key stakeholders in the dental industry. Your engagement is essential in driving innovation and bringing positive change. We encourage DSOs to actively participate, share their suggestions, and provide feedback with DVIN.

Together, let's create a collaborative environment where open communication between DSOs and vendor partners fosters growth and advancements in the dental industry.